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MAY 2019

We just thought, what if we could take our beer money and do the work we want to do in the community, and somehow tie those together?

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MAY 2019

This project actually started because we saw a discrepancy, an underrepresentation between Latinos drinking beer and in brewery ownership. About 21 percent of craft-beer drinkers are Latino. But ownership is less than 1 percent. We wanted to fill in that gap.

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It’s easy to see something like [the Camp Fire] happening in Denver. We hope people would do the same thing for us.

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We've been able to very slowly transition from production-only to having beer regularly on tap, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without teaming up with Factotum. The brewing community has always felt naturally collaborative, and our combined efforts seems to be an organic next step.

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July 2018

Craft beer is about community. Big beer is buying up craft breweries left and right, so it's not just about quality. The thing that sets craft beer apart on a national scale is the kind of communal bonds a brewery is capable of creating.

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(We’re) using our art to create positive change in our community and stand up for those whose rights are being threatened.

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