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The Lady Justice Brewing Company was founded in 2015 under the premise of brewing beer to make the world a better place. All proceeds over cost go out the door to promote the status of Colorado women and girls through grants. That means every beer you enjoy is changing a life.

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organizations have received donations from Lady Justice Brewing in the form of direct money & in-kind donations of beer and time.


years working as the Lady Justice Brewing team: from a little idea to big change in our community.


community-supported brewery members who have been along for the ride - from wild recipe ideas to beers that will surely join our permanent line-up as Lady Justice staples.



The Lady Justice Brewing Company functions solely for the purpose of granting proceeds to women and girls in the state of Colorado. Our brewery gives away the money that we make. This means every beer you drink, every CSB membership you buy, every t-shirt you score - every single thing you do with the Lady Justice Brewing Company is giving back to your community directly.



The Lady Justice Brewing Company is actively seeking a taproom and brewing space. We want a space that can actively house all of the things we love - people, events, parties, and everything else you can imagine. You are our community - our space is your space.


Is your organization looking for a place to have your annual fundraiser? Looking for a spot to host your wedding? How about a retirement party? Seeking a yoga and meditation area? We’ve got you covered. Reach out - let’s talk.


Our Community-Supported Beer memberships work similarly to a CSA: you purchase the membership and receive one crowler of beer once a month for three months. The CSB money goes directly to organizations, and we’ll celebrate them at the end of the three-month period with a celebration for you and for them!


T-shirts, stickers, koozies, oh my! Show your Lady Justice Brewing love with our gear. While we’re not licensed to send our beer over state lines, this is the second best option (until we can figure out how to get you all to us, that is…)



The first and best piece of advice that we could give is don’t try to do your dreams alone. One of the reasons Lady Justice Brewery was able to launch was because we had each other to share energy, ideas, resources, and support. It’s an amazing thing to build a business with people you love and respect.

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The Lady Justice Brewing Company is co-founded by Kate Power, Betsy Lay and Jen Cuesta. We are three women who share two crucial connections. First, we share a commitment to social justice work and being a positive force in our communities. Second, we love good beer.

We’ve worked together over the past ten years in different nonprofit capacities. After a particularly difficult day at work, we grabbed beer and talked about how it’d be great to just drink beer and make the world a better place. That little idea stuck with Kate, who went to law school and wrote up the business plan for a class. From there, the wheels kept turning - how could this become viable? Who could benefit most? What can we do to make it happen? All of our hard work brought the team to where they are today: brewing beer to make the world a better place.



The Lady Justice Brewing Company would not exist without its community (that’s YOU!) Find out different ways to get involved:



If you’re not in our taproom, you can pretend that you are by wearing your favorite Lady Justice Brewing swag! Shirts of multiple styles are available - once we sell out of an item, know that we’re already shopping for more!

Volunteer opportunities

Want to pour beer with us at an event? When we find our forever home, do you want to help us build it? Can you help us ship our merchandise on weekends? All of your hard work is happily recognized with a cold beer and a high five.