2017 Grant Recipients

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Our 3 youth recipients are participants in World Hoops Academy, which serves girls basketball players in the Denver Metro area. They develop academic, athletic, and leadership abilities that empower young women. The 3 girls chosen range in age from 6th-9th grade and will receive funding to go towards their annual participation fees for the program. Here are some quotes from their grant applications:

I think that the program helps the community by bringing together all kinds of girls from different backgrounds. I think that it also makes me a role model for other kids to see us participating in a positive program. I'm also able to apply some of the skills learned at the program to my regular home life when it comes to teamwork and communication, and i think that helps me to get along with my brothers and other people.

I hope to learn more about the rules and regulations in basketball and how you can be a successful player. I hope to learn how to learn to hustle more and the teamwork you have to have to put into basketball and the effort that is needed to be able to work as a team. I want to learn to do learn the things I have never been able to do and get better at the drills we work on in practice. I want to succeed at school and be a leader with the kids in my class.

I'm excited to get better at basketball. I'm excited to travel to different schools to play with other kids like myself. I'm also excited about meeting new people. I want to learn how to be a good team player. Learn how to take criticism in a positive way to help me grow and get better. If I work hard, I want to learn to be patient, self discipline, team work building. But most importantly I want to learn how to win some and lose some. No matter what be positive.

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The Girl's Program of Women's Wilderness provides one to ten-day wilderness-based courses of backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing and expressive arts. Course are designed to build courage, confidence and leadership skills.

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The Youth Leadership Program from Hope In Our City allows young women to gain the skills and strengths to be a leaders in their community. They receive mentorship and support in applying for college and scholarships, finding internships and employment, and learning how to tell their stories and be empowered. The majority of girls in the program came to the United States as refugees from countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, the Congo, and Central African Republic.

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The Good Neighbor Garage program from Hands of the Carpenter provides automobile placement, repair, maintenance, and related education for low-income single mothers and widows in need so that they become or remain self-sufficient.