Announcing our 2018 grant recipients

We opened Lady Justice Brewing in 2016 with the goal of using craft beer to connect non-profits with small business to help empower communities to make lasting and positive changes in the lives of women and girls.  Now in our second year of operation, we are happy to once again be awarding our grants to amazing organizations doing just that. Here are the 2018 grant recipients.

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Youth Grants

We have a youth granting program that allows girls ages 11-17 years old to apply for funding to programs they are passionate about being involved in. This year, we are awarding grants to three girls participating in two programs. 

Two girls, ages 12 & 15, will be participating in the STAR Girlz Bling Empowerment Summer Camp. The mission of STAR Girlz is to deliver essential lifesaving tools that will assist girls in making healthier life choices during their transitional stage of development. STAR Girlz is dedicated to the positive development of female youth around the world and aid in the production of making their futures shine bright like a STAR.

The awardees wrote about why they wanted to participate in this camp: 

"I want to learn how to build my self-esteem and how to have more confidence in myself and how I can set goals and reach them." 
"I will be able to feel confident in myself enough to help other girls in my community and how to stay away from negativity."

The third youth grant is being awarded to a 17 year-old girl who is a member of the Su Teatro Cultural & Performing Arts Center. Her grant application was an inspiration to read. Here are some highlights: 

"My youth theater, Teatro VolArte in collaboration with the Denver Inner City Parish, has been selected as one of the best youth theater companies in the United States. We have been invited to perform at the American High School Theater Festival at the 2018 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival showcases actors and theater companies from all across the globe. My group will be the only theater group representing Chicano Raza arts and legacy.
As a young artist, I believe that this trip will be a defining experience for me. My aim is to bring Chicano and Indigenous culture to a global audience. As a young queer person, I hope to broaden my scope of the world. This embodies encountering new cultures, languages, religions, foods, backgrounds and people.
Experiences like these will empower me to pursue higher education and the career that I want, strengthen my social skills, and help me become more optimistic to new experiences and challenges. 
In the workshops I’ll be learning from teachers who share the same passion as I do, and that have created their passion into personal forms of expression... I will utilize these skills and give it to my people; tell our stories that aren’t even dared to be spoken aloud. Give my voice to the voiceless and create the change that needs to be done.
I hope that my 7 year old cousin will see the videos of my group and I representing and showing the world what it means to be proud Chicano youth, that she feels as if she can do just the same as us and even greater things. I want her to never be ashamed of the name that her parents gave her. Or embarrassed of her parents accents, like I was when I was younger. I want her to know that an accent is a sign of knowledge, that it means that her parents are fluent in more than one language. I want her to embrace her copper skin and dark brown eyes that were passed down from her Azteca ancestors. I want her to understand the struggle of her parents, and to be grateful for their sacrifice. That she continues to practice the ways of her people and catapults it into the future with her. I know that she will embrace her ever so large roots and that she will be proud to call herself a Chicana." 

Organizational Grants

In addition to our youth grants, we also directly fund non-profit programming. We have two Colorado organizations receiving grants this year:

elevateHER, based in Chaffee County,  fosters self-worth and grit in young women through mentoring, outdoor adventure, and holistic wellness programs. The purpose of elevateHER is to invest in the next generation of women and enable them to be strong, confident, and self-aware, through empowering them to take on any challenge while building an appreciation and love for the outdoors. elevateHER builds a strong and connected community for women and by women, inspiring empathetic leadership and environmental stewardship in young women.

Kenzi's Kids of the Dolls for Daughters program serves single-mother families in Denver. They help relieve the financial burdens of low-income families who are taking necessary steps to create a stable environment for their children. Kenzi’s Kidz gives the children in these families the fundamental items needed to succeed in life. Such as school supplies, clothing, extracurricular activities and birthday and holiday gifts for a year. For the children who are not school aged, they provide early childhood support and resources to ensure all children have an equal start. Currently, Kenzi’s Kidz sponsors six families who qualify for the program.